Add Music To Video

With Add Music to Video, you can easily create your video story and share with your friends & family, transforming everyday moments into works of art as you want and let the world discover them!

Trim Video:
Trim your video video an cut out unnecessary moment from your video.

Add Video Filters:
Bring fun to your video with our unique filters. Select your filter and create your video.

Add Audio:
You can add songs, music and audio tracks from music library. Choose your favorite audio and give the video an amazing feeling.

Add Recorded Audio:
There is also a recording feature trough which you can record voice memo or other sound and add it to video. Recordings will be saved in the app library so that it can used in future.

Trim Audio:
Trimming audio gives you the opportunity to edit audio length, control volume and create audio loop. This will help you to use a specific portion of a music you like most.

Save & Share:
After doing an amazing job now it’s time to save it and share it to friends and family. You can share it to any social network you want with just a tap.

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Add Music To Video